Kathmandu City Tour around Cultural World Heritage Sites within the valley and city of Kathmandu, a historical ancient place once a huge lake drained by the mighty sword of Guardian Angle and Goddess Manjushree, history and early geography proves it was lake one back before 3,000 years.
At present a rich valley with ancient cultural world heritage sites, although a modern metropolitan city, but still retains its age old traditions and treasuring its past culture to this day.

We provide interesting Kathmandu sightseeing tour from “Half Day” to “Full Day” Tours  around Cultural World Heritage Sites in the company of expert city guides who show you the past and present of Kathmandu and Patan World Heritage Sites.  All tours are in the comfort of nice spacious car or coach depending the group size.

The  1 day  Kathmandu City Tour will take you to visit the attractions around World Heritage Sites include temples, monasteries, Stupas and of old royal palace courtyard.  Kathmandu, steeped with ancient heritage sites and monuments of both Hindu and Buddhist.  Our tour starts with a short drive to Swayambhunath, a popular and famous pilgrimage sites for Buddhist and Hindu as well.

The 5, 6 hour Kathmandu city tours mainly  visit the 4 UNESCO world heritage sites  namely  Kathmandu Durbar Squire, Swayambhunath Stupa , Pasupatinath Temple and Bouddhanath stupa. the tour start at 9am and finis the 4, 5 pm.