The Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is one of the most beautiful journeys in Nepal. It takes place in the Khumbu region. In the first place, you can enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas. In the second, you can also enjoy the holy lakes of Gokyo. Not only is the trip amazing, but it is also very rich in culture. Together with the natural beauty, you can enjoy the Sherpa culture. As a matter of fact, Khumbu is a prime Sherpa settlement. In contrast to the regularĀ Everest Base Camp Trek, the Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is even more beautiful!

Furthermore, you can revel in the beautiful river valleys of the region. In addition, you will visit the beautiful Gokyo Lake. Hindu people hold the Gokyo Lake in high religious regards. In like manner, Hindu people believe that the Gokyo Lake is the abode of the Snake Gods- the Nagas. Identically, the Everest Gokyo Lake Trek is a perfect alternative for trekking in Khumbu.

Highlights of the Everest Gokyo Lake Trekking

The Everest Gokyo Lake Trek incorporates the best features of the Khumbu. It begins with a beautiful short flight to Lukla. Similarly, you will visit famous Khumbu villages and settlements. The trekking trail goes through Namche Bazaar, Dole and Machhermo among others. All of the destinations are accompanied by majestic views of the Everest Himalayas. You can see wonderful views of Mountain peaks like Cho Oyu, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse and many more.

The Everest Gokyo Lake Trek avoids the regular trekking trail. Correspondingly, it alternates to take you through a less travelled trail. You can experience the Sherpa culture all along the journey. Mani stone walls and small chortens with prayer flags are constantly present along the journey.

Moreover, you will also visit the Gokyo RI. It is particularly famous for being a natural vantage point besides Kalapatthar. You can see amazing panoramic views of the Everest massif from Gokyo RI.